Why You Need Facebook

buy facebook likes in the UKIf you haven’t jumped on the Facebook bandwagon yet then there’s only one question to ask, “Why not?”  Sure, there can be a great deal of drama on this social media site but overall it’s great for both individuals and businesses alike.  What better way to be instantly connected to all of your friends and family or business associates and customers?  For businesses, Facebook is a must have if you want to have any Google credibility at all.  Google and other search engines rely on social media as another criterion for how searches are conducted and results are returned.

How Does Facebook Work With Google?

When a business opens up a Facebook account they open a whole new world for Google.  The Google crawler looks for posts, pictures and videos on your Facebook account and also checks for how many likes you get.  When you have an active account with many fans, you can get a great deal of likes and shares and then Google will move you up in the search engine ranking.  So if you’ve been doing everything to get your page to a number one spot but just can’t seem to get there, you need to have social media on your side.  When you get started it may be hard to get likes, but companies in the United Kingdom can buy Facebook likes UK until they can get enough fans to earn them.

What Else Can Facebook do for Your Business?

Besides aiding in your SEO efforts, Facebook is a great source of free advertising.  If you want to have a sale, you can promote it on Facebook and all you have to do is really wait for your fans to share it with their friends and before you know it, you’re sale is a success.  Want to launch a new product?  You can offer a special discount for those Facebook users who pre-purchase the product if they share or like your status.  There are so many different ways that you can use Facebook to promote your business and all of them are totally free.  Of course there are some ways to buy inexpensive advertising if you want to.

So do you need to have a Facebook account?  If you’re a company that wants to be competitive in today’s market then you certainly do!  There are so many ways that you can use this social media site to promote your company and your products and to aid you in your SEO efforts that it just makes sense to start one today.