Frequently Asked Questions


Are the followers from the UK?
Yes. The followers are real people from the UK with English names.
Is it safe for my account?
Our services are 100% safe and risk-free. The social media networks will never give you any trouble for buying our services. We promote your account manually just as if you were doing it yourself daily. Over 36 000 customers bought followers from us and not a single one had any problems.
Do you offer any warranty?
Yes. If some people ‘un-like’ or ‘un-follow’ you in the future just let us know and we will give you more likes/followers for FREE.
How long does it take to get my likes/followers?
We start to work on your order as soon as we receive your payment and you will see an increase in likes/followers/views about 2-3 days later. In most cases they appear after 2 days. Why is it not instant? Because we have to buy advertisements to promote your social media accounts and wait for people to click these ads and like your page, follow your account, or view your videos.
Do you need my password?
No. We don’t need your password. We just need your Instagram/Twitter username, Facebook page name or Youtube video link depending on the service that you purchased from us. After that, just sit down, relax and watch your numbers grow!
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