Why Do You Need Facebook Likes?

Why Do You Need to buy Facebook Likes?What is the big deal over Facebook likes anyway? Why do people buy Facebook likes and give Facebook so much importance in their lives? We hear people talking about it quite often and how you need Facebook likes but what’s it really all about and why does it matter? Well, first we need to take a look at the two different types of likes they could be talking about. First, there are “likes” to a Facebook fanpage, which used to be called fans. Basically, this is the number of accounts who have liked the page. Having more likes usually helps you get more likes.

Then the other usage of the term in relation to Facebook means when someone likes a status update or post that you make. This is a Facebook-specific tool that enables you to show you read/saw something and signify that you liked it with the press of a button. When it comes to using and marketing on Facebook, likes are important.

Here are some reasons why you need Facebook likes:

When people interact with your content, it increases your EdgeRank – So why do you care about EdgeRank? Because it helps ensure more users see your content. It’s a bit like a popularity algorithm. The more people who like and interact with your stuff, the more importance Facebook gives it and the more people it will show it to.

It teaches you about what your community wants- Another benefit of getting likes and followers is that it helps you gauge what the community really wants. Posts that get more likes help you see the topics your readers like so you can offer more of similar content. Posts that do not get a lot of likes or engagement are probably not interesting to your fanpage. The likes will help you judge what people want.

You can promote your products or services to a very large customer base after gaining likes- When people see that you already have likes on your page or account, they want to see what you have to offer as well. There are tons of people on Facebook already. Now is your chance to market to them where they already enjoy spending time.

You can get signups for your newsletter or list- Facebook is a great way to get more people on your list. You can use these likes to help offer a newsletter signup or other opt-in page and build your business list through your Facebook account. It all begins with getting those likes.

Here are just a few reasons why you may need Facebook likes. For the personal user, it may not be such a big deal at all. But for someone who is marketing on Facebook it’s all the more important. Are there any specific reasons you’re looking for more likes? Have you experienced any benefit to having more likes after you’ve put the time and investment into building them up?