Twitter Quick Tips and Tricks: Unsending the DM

Twitter Quick Tips and Tricks: Unsending the DM

Twitter direct messages can be easily unsend using some cool Twitter hack. Check how you too can unsend the direct messages on the micro blogging site.


AOL once had an amazing way of unsending the mails you sent by mistake or some mails which you didn’t want the other person to read. Though, this appears impossible task in the era of Gmail and Hotmail, but during mid 1990s, AOL empowered their users with this amazing technique of unsending the mails they didn’t want to. But, remember, there was a condition, which stated that the mail can be undone, only till it has not already been read by the receiver. But, the thing to rejoice was, we did have some option at least. In comparison to the present era, where we have tons of optional features to add and improve the functionality of our mailbox. But, none of the service providers let you take undo the messages which have landed in the inboxes of the receivers.

Though, Gmail and Hotmail, do not have this feature, but your favorite micro blogging site has this exclusive feature and yes, you too can do it all by yourself. Lets learn how to do it:

There can be a dozens of reasons why the mail you sent had some faulty things which you wish were not there or you could somehow undo them. No matter how drunk you were or how terrible your fever was, you would always want to erase the mishap using a magic wand. Well, we have one for you, so that you can undo the DMs on Twitter.

Now, here is quick news, Twitter removes the deleted DM not only from the sender’s sent-box but also from that of the receiving person’s inbox. Well, I guess here is a reason to rejoice for every person on Twitter.

Steps to delete the direct message on Twitter:

Step 1: Click the Gear icon.

Step2: Open the Direct Messages.

Step3: Find the ones which you would love to remove.

Step4: Jump click the trash sign and you are sorted.


It could never have been this easy. But, Twitter makes it happen.

Caution: The person whom the message addressed could have seen the message through certain notification enable by them, i.e. they might receive the message notification on their phone and the worst part is, the notification itself contains a major piece of message received.

But, there are bright chances that they might not have such notifications turned on or probably they give a damn about the notifications or may be anything else. But, this amazing feature gives some hope at least.

Still, this solves issues related to Twitter only, no help so far for the people who end up messing their emails or reports. Some people that buy followers won’t have to worry about this problem, or at least worry about it only when it comes to their real followers.