Twitter Places an Apology for the Spread of Explicit Content on Twitter Vine

Twitter Places an Apology for the Spread of Explicit Content on Twitter Vine

Twitter is quite moved by the featuring of explicit content on the latest Twitter Vine app. Twitter Vine, the latest 6 second video application from Twitter, was reported to support x rated videos, one when one of the uploaded porn appeared in the featured section. We all thought that the whole media drama about people that buy twitter followers cheap in the UK was bad… well this here is even more drastic and controversial and the medias are taking pleasure in spreading the word as fast as they can about this incident.

Twitter has thus placed an apology for the same and is taking strict actions against the accounts which uploaded x rated videos on the app. The account which uploaded the adult content  was suspended and is no more functional. On the other hand, the micro blogging giant has already banned the searching of adult content on the app.

Twitter apologized for the mishap and termed it as a – ‘Human Error’ and have promised to flush all the x rated users and make the app cleaner and adult free.

Though, the x rated user who uploaded the hardcore adult video, has been removed, but the account holder had already used the account to add around 30 hardcore videos through the app. The uploaded videos reached 500+ twitter followers and the person operating the account still claims, that the account is active and there is no suspension notice, as of now.

The account operator on the other hand, held Twitter responsible for the mishap and added that, it was supposed to be the responsibility of the social network to make the videos, difficult to be traced. The individual further stressed in his mail that the network administration should take measures to surface the adult content, so that they don’t reach the children. As per him, the adults on the network should be allowed to share the adult content and some filters should be applied to the searches in order to prevent the underage children from reaching them.

Vine can still be found on app stores and iPhone or iPod users can very well download the functional version. But, the editor’s picks section no longer has the app listed and was deliberately removed on Monday, as soon as the news leaked.

The latest app release by Twitter acted as an inspiration for many similar startups, like Vinepeek, which were simply re-broadcasting the video added to Vine feed. The videos being uploaded through the app, had no particular tags in order to mark them as adult or explicit.

Though, as per the terms of service for the app, adult or explicit content is not against the policy, but the users have the power to flag such uploads and a warning will be added on the videos containing adult theme.

The featuring of adult content raised the concerns, as it appeared that the network had been hacked, but the company spokesperson clarified that it was a ‘human-error.’

Twitter acquired Vine last year and it was meant to compete with the famous Youtube ‘Capture’ by Google. Though, the firm has already removed the video and has asked for an apology, it is still a big challenge for them to avoid such blunders in future.