Twitter and Facebook Battling the Ads Promoting Prostitution on the Network

Twitter and Facebook battling bad Ads on their Network

The recent ‘Vine Trauma’ has already shaken the micro-blogging giant, Twitter and after successfully stabilizing the scene over the featuring of exotic videos on the network. The social media biggie has yet another problem to tackle, i.e. handling the promotion for prostitution, using the social media ad network. Seems like Twitter is giving us a lot more to talk about than the boring old buy twitter followers cheap controversy.

It is reported that the private prostitutes and escort agencies have created a large number of accounts and pages on the social networks. These pages are being used efficiently to promote the adult services offered by these escorts or escorts agencies. Such pages have created a great concern among the parents as the children are being exposed to explicit content and adult services. Twitter is not the only social media network being targeted by these escort agencies; Facebook too has thousands of similar accounts active. It is reported that Facebook is going really strict against such activities and is removing dozens of such users on a regularly basis.

This drill against adult pages was initiated when The Times informed such activities. The spokesperson said that the pages which are being removed contain unacceptable content which is against the terms of usage and thus, the network holds the sole rights to dissolve such accounts. Also, he brought to the notice that such pages on Facebook can only be deleted when the users or outside authorities complain against them or flag them as inappropriate. Twitter too is suffering by the inappropriate use of network’s advertisement model by the prostitutes and escorts agencies. These escorts are openly creating profiles and are promoting adult services through the paid advertisements on the network. Though, the network is well aware of the issue, but no formal announcement on the same has been made from their end.

Looks like the social network is still busy fixing its faulty Vine app which adored the media headlines during the past days. There are complaints which signify that the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have seen a tremendous increase in the number of criminal activities being operated through them. The crime on such networks has increased by a whopping 800 percent over the past 4 years. As per the police, prostitution is considered a ‘victimless criminal offense’ and it is thus, not their responsibility to tackle the issue.

After this statement, the social networks are really worried over this newly cropped issue. Facebook have supported themselves by saying that there are numerous ways a user on the network can flag such a content and there are various reporting tools on every page of the network to encourage the users to report content or behavior which is against the rules of network. They have promised that a strict action will be taken against all the reported users or pages, if found inappropriate.