Twitter All Set to Release New Advertising API

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Twitter is looking forward to increasing its advertising revenue and is soon to reach the £1 billion mark. 2013 will see the release of Twitter’s advertising API and the sources reveal, it will happen in the Q1 itself. The mass-market advertising entry of the social media giant will aim at big advertisers and similar agencies. The new API will enable the agencies to launch scaled-up advertising campaigns across the network, thus bringing in the need of more sophisticated and advanced management or monitoring tools. That means that buying Twitter followers in the UK is just a start for your advertising campaign on Twitter.

As per the sources, Twitter has already started briefing the marketing agencies and advertisers, about the new API and how the advanced functionality will enable the large companies to manage their ads on the social network.

An executive revealed that Twitter is close to getting their new API ready and in no time will be able to promote mass marketing practices on the microblogging network.
But, there are no formal or informal disclosers from Twitter. “We don’t have anything to share at this time.” – a spokesperson commented when asked about the story. The company is yet not revealing any details regarding the advancements in advertising. But, the sources have revealed that the new API will be similar to the present self-service tools on Twitter.

The self-serve model was implemented by Twitter, in 2010 April and the tool enables the marketing agencies to upload advertisements across the microblogging network. But, the major shortcoming with the present model is, it permits the uploading of a single ad at a time. This limitation makes it difficult for large advertisers, plan big campaigns on the network as it would be very much time consuming if there were multiple or large ad campaigns to be uploaded. It also discouraged the ad agencies from operating on a large scale.

The new API will improve upon this and empower the advertisers to efficiently plan and generate huge campaigns across the social network, and scaling the campaigns will not be an issue anymore.

There are several details that are yet to be disclosed and it is yet not clear, whether Twitter will be following the footsteps of Facebook by providing separate ad API or it will announce it as an update to its existing API.
Though there are details yet to be disclosed, but it is quite confirmed that Twitter is launching its ad API sometime in the Q1 itself and several recent moves of the social network have well suggested that there are plans to grow their advertising revenue to greater limits.

The January 17 and 22, updates were aimed at empowering the advertisers by letting them measure their performance across the social network and manage their ads more efficiently. Also, the updates allowed the advertisers to plan global ad campaigns on the network.

Advertising and marketing agencies on the other hand are very excited about the new API and are eagerly waiting for the formal launch.