Twitter Acquires Half a Billion Users to Become the Fastest Growing Social Network

Twitter Acquires Half a Billion Users to Become the Fastest Growing Social Network

Twitter has reportedly acquired around half a billion active users to become the fastest spreading social network. The network is known to have around 36 percent of the total internet users on its network. The total count stands at around 485 million users. Let’s not forget to count the millions of fake users used to increase following when people choose to buy twitter followers cheap trick.

The growth increase rate of Twitter has surpasses that of the social media giant, Facebook and Google plus, to become the most aggressively growing social media network on the globe. The researching agency, Global Web Index has revealed that the stats show a growth of 40 percent every month in the second half of 2012. On the other hand, Facebook’s growth rate was 33.4 percent and that of Google plus was 27.7 percent. These stats quite effectively makes one understand that the micro-blogging site is growing at a rapid pace, beating the biggies of the social networking arena.

After having acquired approximately one-third of the internet user population as its trustworthy users, Twitter is ready to shower some amazingly new apps and services for the users. In recent times, Twitter has announced and introduced quite a few apps for the users, which were clearly meant to destroy the similar services from the opponents. Twitter’s Vine can be seen as the most accurate example there. Though, the recent explicit content issue has raised questions on the capabilities of the micro blogging giant to develop user friendly and competitive applications.

Twitter has still managed to keep its users happy by some, not so strict user policy and terms. Also, the network is changing the interface every now and then to keep it fresh for the users all the time.

The recent leaked information on the new advertisement management system being developed by the micro blogging site, Twitter has kept the hopes high for the advertising agencies also. The network will soon see some big advertising and marketing agencies, operating huge advertisement campaigns. Creating such huge advertisement campaigns was very time consuming earlier and this new API will overcome the present shortcomings to help the bigger companies/agencies advertise their products on the network.

The app segment of Twitter is getting a loads of fan following these days and the network, by far is the best marketing ground for millions of online marketer. With so much in bag, reaching the top of social network chain won’t be that difficult for the micro blogging website. Twitter has gone so popular that hundreds of thousands of people are willing to buy twitter followers in the UK and around the world to appear more credible on the network.

After becoming the fastest growing social media network, Twitter has surpassed everybody’s expectations, so did Instagram. The growth has been tremendous, in the past 5 years. In the year 2007, Twitter was reported to have 400,000 average quarterly tweets. But, in the just 5 years the number of tweets posted per day has reached up to 350 million. This number looks as big as the success of this niche service website.