How to Tag People on Instagram

instagram2There is a new feature on Instagram that allows you to tag people in photos just as you would if you were using Facebook, Instagram’s new parent company.  Before you could not include your friends or family members in the photos so that they could see you had posted it.  There was no notification method to use unless they saw your photo on their feed.  The same goes for photos that are taken and posted of you.  Now you can view photos other people took of you instantly with the tab that is for photos that you’re tagged in.  It is not difficult to tag people in photos if you follow the steps below.

How to Tag a New Photo

When you are done editing the new photo and you want to tag them, go to the share screen from where you upload the pictures.  Click on Add People and tap on the photo.  A box comes up that you can use to search for people’s names.  You don’t have to worry about only tagging people who are your fans; you can tag famous people or others who you don’t know.  You can even tag businesses when you are using their products and want to show them.  There is no limit to the amount of people you can tag in one photo.

Tagging Old Photos

So you have a bunch of old photos that you want to tag your friends in but the feature wasn’t available then.  You can still add tags by tapping to the right of the comment button on the photo and then click on Add People.  The rest of the steps are the same as tagging a new photo.

Who Can Tag You?

Anyone can tag you in a photo just like you can tag anyone you want.  The good news is that you can actually go into their photos and untag yourself just like you can on Facebook.  There are times when you simply don’t want a photo of you seen because you don’t think you look as good as the photographer thought you did.  It is not difficult to untag yourself, simply tap on your name then click More Options and Remove Me From Photo.

Benefits of Tagging

There are many benefits of being able to tag people in a photo including letting the people in the photo have a copy of it for their Instagram account.  Another bonus is that you’ll get more likes on your photos because the people you tag will want to like it.  The more people you tag, the more likes you’ll get!

Tagging people on Instagram is now as easy as it is on Facebook which gives the photos more exposure.  You can tag photos you are uploading or those that have already been posted easily and with just a few taps on the picture.  You can also remove any tags of yourself that you don’t want just as easily.  Having this option means it’s even easier to get more likes on your photos when you tag your friends and family members in them. You can buy instagram followers as well, which will help you build a bigger following along with tagging people and just posting great pics in the first place.

Do you have any tips to add?