How to Promote Your Facebook Page

If you buy Facebook likes you can get more legitimate likes to your page. So you have your Facebook fanpage or business page all set up and now you need to draw some traffic in. What good is your page doing you if it doesn’t get the traffic you want and need? You have great content to share and hardly anyone comes around to check it out!

So imagine the disappointment when it seems like no one is finding your page? The good news is there are some simple things you can do to get the people to your page and to like your content. Let’s explore some of them.

Five Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

So here are five ways you can promote your Facebook page:

  1. Invite people from your Facebook friends list
  2. Use social ads and Facebook ads to get more people in to the page
  3. Tell your offline fans to like the page- post signs in your building, etc.
  4. Run a contest, offer an incentive for liking your page
  5. Add the like button to your website, blogs, etc.

In addition to these methods, you can explore many other great ways of bringing in the likes. You also want to be sure you have a creative, unique page that people want to visit again and again. Otherwise, there’s no point in bringing them in if you don’t give them reason to stay.

Promote your Page by Buying Likes

Here is a common question you will hear: should I buy Facebook likes? It’s a controversial topic in the UK and also worldwide and the honest answer is that it isn’t right for everyone. Not all like-sellers are the same, either. You can get some really cheap rates on Fiverr but this is usually a very bad idea as the seller will pump your account up with obvious artificial means, take your money and run. The likes will drop almost immediately but they won’t be anywhere to be found to give you a refund.

If you buy from a legitimate like company, the likes are still fake and they won’t give you any interaction but they will tend to stick longer. The companies will usually offer some type of guarantee and they will use methods less likely to get you flagged by Facebook. Still, it’s a risk you take that you might lose some of the likes that you purchase.

But there are positives to gain from buying Facebook likes, since it can encourage more people to like the page and also give the impression the page is already popular. So you can see that all of these things combined will help you promote your page and get the results you seek.

Do you have any tips to add about promoting your page?