How to Build Engagement on Your Facebook Fanpage

How to Build Engagement on Your Facebook FanpageSo you have a great fanpage for your company in the UK and you have a lot of likes but it doesn’t seem like anyone is responding to any of your posts. What can you do about it? There are actually many things you can do to boost engagement. While it may seem like work to begin with, once you get the hang of it, you will find it goes very smoothly. Creating a social media editorial calendar, taking time to reply and respond and posting content people want to see are all ways to help build that engagement. Let’s take some time to explore in more detail how you can do these things.

Get People Talking on Facebook

Sure you can go ahead and buy Facebook likes in the UK to quickly increase your credibility, but if you want to get people talking on Facebook, your first step is to post something they will care about. You should be the expert in your niche and while memes and animal pics are funny and sometimes shared, they won’t truly bring anything to your fanpage that is unique. Any success you see from this will be short-lived. If you need help coming up with content, you could use a service that helps you with curated content. Post Planner makes it incredibly easy to get great content to share on your page and it nearly completely automates the process for you. Just a few minutes can get you set up for the whole week.

Another idea is to search news and Twitter feeds for stories and posts related to your niche and share this content on Facebook. But once you share great content, you also have to go back and reply to posts about it. Also be sure to check in every day to see if people have posted to your page. Or you can set up email alerts so you always know when someone posts to the page. This way, you can head over in a timely manner and reply. You want to be the most frequent commenter on your fanpage. This is a great way to increase engagement. People want to know that you are actually reading the page regularly and that you care about what they say.

How Engagement Helps You, even if you bought Facebook Likes and Fans

So now that you know how to build engagement on your Facebook fanpage, why should you care? Does it really matter if people are liking and commenting on what you post? Do those shares really mean anything? Actually they do! The more engagement you have on your page, the more your Edgerank will increase, which means more people will see your posts. You increase your reach with the more people engage with your posts so getting those likes, comments and shares is very important.