Fake Twitter Followers Statistics

Fake Twitter Followers StatisticsAre you jealous of how many followers your friend has because he has thousands even tens of thousands followers and you can barely get a thousand people to follow you?  Have you ever wondered where all these followers come from?  You follow them to get them to follow you back and you never have the same success.  You may be surprised to find that they are not real followers at all.  Many people, including stars, celebrities and real people like you actually buy twitter followers in the UK to boost their numbers.  Maybe your friend simply bought more followers to pad his numbers and you could, too if you really want to compete with him. You can buy twitter followers UK service and have these numbers yourself.

You might be surprised to learn the statistics of how many people actually buy fake Twitter followers. Half of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers are fake but that doesn’t stop the believers from following him in hoards.

Now you may think that this is silly and that not that many people would buy followers for their Twitter account but you’d be wrong.  Actually, there are a great many people who do buy followers and they are not just celebrities.  Many CEOs of companies have fake followers and they are not ashamed of it at all and it doesn’t really take away from those followers who are real.  There are authors who buy followers to promote their books or the characters in their books to get more people interested in reading it.  Since Twitter has yet come up with a way to monitor this practice there’s really nothing that can be done about it either.

Why Buy Twitter Followers  in the UK? 

So why would a CEO of a large company or a star want to have that many followers? It’s social proof, it’s quick and easy and there are benefits that can come from the numbers. Some people say one downside is that they don’t engage but some people actually see this as a benefit if it means the higher numbers DO bring in people who engage.

One reason is because fake followers don’t take up a great deal of time when it comes to tweets.  They’re not asking questions or demanding answers.  They just sit there and help build up a larger following for the people who have purchased them.   The fake accounts aren’t real people so it’s not like they are being used in any way. They are just numbers, pure and simple.

So rather than be jealous of your friend who may have purchased all those followers, you could buy your own and compete with him.  Keep in mind that it does take a bit of time to get thousands of followers on your Twitter account but the cost is relatively low in the big picture.  You could even surpass your friend and put out the cash and time to have millions of followers if you want; why keep it to thousands?