‘Carbon’: Third Party Twitter App Finally Released

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The third party application for Twitter is now available for the Android users. The app is named, Carbon and is loaded with a plethora of features. The application has already been listed on the famous, Google Play store and can be easily downloaded from here. The app is free, i.e. one will not have to pay to use the amazing application on their Android device (only phones for now).

The app was released after a long delay, as the users were expecting it be in the market by July or August of last year. But, the app kept the users waiting and the application has finally entered the market.

Carbon is loaded with a ton of new features, which are hard to trace on other Twitter clients. Unlike other available clients, Carbon enables the users to see everything on one screen. Thus, saving a great deal of labor, as users no longer have to go to other screens to get something else done. Everything one might require is on the same screen. Whether it is the Lists, the Timeline, Trends, Favorites, User and Followers Profiles, etc. You can find them all on the same screen.

The application is only available for the cell phones and cannot be used by the tablet Android users. As per the sources, there will be a separate app to cater to the tablet users and is still not ready. The application has thus failed to meet the expectations of the users and the promises associated with the release of this Twitter app are under a scanner now.

The app has still not been perfectly developed, as there is no support for real time updates. The application needs to check for updates after every 10-15 minutes, which is every disappointing to see.

Though, the app fell short on several parameters, yet it has some amazing features which are hard to be traced on other similar applications. Some of the features which are noteworthy are:

  • The timelines can be refreshed with the tilt of phone.
  • The power scrolling or swiping feature works great for the app. One can use the two fingers to jump straight to the bottom or top of the screen.
  • You can make everything clickable just by pressing the Tap and holing it for long.
  • The timelines are rich and look filled up with pictures, videos, texts, etc.
  • User and Followers Profiles are rich and have an HD style.
  • Conversation view is simply appealing and has a rich look.
  • The DM or Direct Messages come in a threaded format, making it more engaging.
  • Filters are in place for user, keywords and hash tags.
  • Small features like, auto completion of usernames is also in place.

Hope, the further updates for the app bring in more good news and some real time functionality. Will this app make Twitter more popular than Facebook or Instagram?