3 Reasons People Don’t Like Your Fanpage

3 reasons people don't like your fan page even after you buy Facebook likes and fans in the UKYou’ve invested a lot of time and energy into your Facebook fanpage but it feels like no one cares. You’re not getting very many likes and those few you do have don’t seem to be reading. Why isn’t anybody liking your page? How do you get people to like your fanpage? Well, let’s look into three common reasons people don’t like your fanpage and you can analyze your own page and see if these problems relate to you.

You Always Self-Promote

Your Facebook is not a billboard. So many businesses get this wrong. They feel like Facebook (or all of social media) is just another platform for them to sale their wares and push their agenda. If you’re constantly self promoting, people are not going to want to be on your page. Just think about it- would you apply to 24/7 commercials? Your fans don’t want to see this all the time, either.

You Post Too Much Or Too Little

Another reason people aren’t liking your page, or even worse, they may be un-liking your page, could be that you post too much or too little. There is no magic number of when you should post or how many times a day but if you get this posting wrong, you could be losing fans or not getting new fans. When someone lands on your page and makes a decision to like it or not, they will look at recent posts you’ve made. If you haven’t posted in a long time, they might think the page is dormant and they won’t like it.

And if you’re posting too many times a day (often considered 5 or more times), then they will think “I don’t want all of hat in my feed” and they won’t like the page. If you’re in doubt, stick with 1-2 times a day until you see what your followers are comfortable with.

Your Posts Are Irrelevant

Another reason people might not be liking your page could be that you are sharing irrelevant posts. A little off-topic post here and there is fine. But if you’re sharing every funny photo and newest meme you see on Facebook, you’re spamming people. Don’t you think that if you’ve seen it in your feed, they probably have already? Stick to the point of your page.

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