Is Facebook Loosing Charm?

Is Facebook Losing Charm?

Are you gonna pay your child to say a good bye to the social networking giant, Facebook?

Well, you still have time to think, but a High School Freshman have already en-cashed the opportunity by accepting an agreement to get off the social network and receive £200 in return. The 14 year old girl, name Rachel Baier wanted some cash and this seemed an interesting way of making some. She has signed a formal agreement which would keep the kid off Facebook for close to 4 months, starting from 4th of Feb to 26th of June. The kid has surrendered her login credentials of the account and her dad, Paul Baier will be controlling the account till June 26 2013.

The agreement also gives him the rights to change or reset the password of the account during the course of the agreement and to control her Facebook Likes in the UK. Thus, Rachel will have now way to logging into the account before 6th of June. The girl is not at all stressed by the restriction, as she herself found the network very much boring and distracting. To her Facebook was full of nothingness!

The recent research team at Pew Research Center proves that Rachel is not the only person who is unhappy with cheap Facebook, instead around 60 percent of the total Facebook visitors had once in lifetime given up the social network for weeks, as they thought it was boring to be on Facebook.

The situation grew worst for these users when they started getting irritated by the 24×7 updates by friends and relatives. These updates, as per them were the stupidest thing they would ever witness. Consisting of boring pictures from weddings, outings, ceremonies, birthday celebrations, etc. were real turn off.

Not just this, the report says that the irritated users showed signs of aggression by cracking the keywords, scratching their face, etc. The pending notifications appeared like the biggest time eater, as a 2 min check would cost them 15 long minutes.

The research shows that Facebook is losing its charm and more people have left the platform after finding it boring and distracting.

Though, it is a bad news for Facebook, but the teenagers have a reason to rejoice as Twitter and Instagram are proven to be more popular amongst teens than Facebook.

Smart kids like Rachel can cash this opportunity and make some real money out of their parents. Rachel told the news sources that she signed the agreement as she was not getting enough money through babysitting and wanted some quick money. She thus jumped at the idea of convincing her dad to pay her to stay away from the anyways boring network.

Though, as per the agreement, she will get the money in chunks, but she will certainly have something.

Rachel is very happy to have received the money. She still says, she is yet not saying a good bye to the network and will return to Facebook after the agreement expires.