Instagram Latest Upgrade Will Provide Real Time Features

Instagram Latest Upgrade Will Provide Real Time Features


Instagram, has finally made a significant leap towards generating some revenues. The new product launch by Instagram might bring some positive response for the app and hopefully the company will make some money out of it.

This new launch will allow the users of Instagram to read their feeds through internet, i.e. in real time. Unlike earlier, when the users could only view their newsfeeds by logging into the app. This new product of Instagram will let the users see their pictures simply by logging into the Instagram website. This real time functionality will bring rejoice to many and will possibly open some money making avenues for the company.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and is a known website, allowing its users to access their profiles, but unlike Facebook, the website did not have real time feed viewing functionality for the users. But, this release is going to give its users some serious real time experience.

At present, Instagram has loads of amazing photographs, but it is hard for users and followers to find the appropriate ones. The tag search option in the mobile app for Instagram is not very user friendly and it is really difficult to find pictures using it.

The company is quite positive about the latest release and the addition of web interface will boost the functionality of Instagram and will give greater power to the users.  Moreover, with Instagram adding their user feeds to internet, there are possibilities that the company will finally begin creating some revenue stream.

Though, the company is more fond of promoting ads on the mobile platforms, but the add web interface will allow them to extend their revenues through web ads. The ads can be either added to the right side of the website and probably in the newsfeeds for users. This will create a comparatively broader and bigger platform for displaying advertisements to generate revenue.

Instagram is all based on pictures and thus, has a huge scope for advertisers to promote their products using the site. The opportunity is still unexplored and it appears as if Instagram is waiting for the right moment to en-cash the opportunity.


The advertisers will have a greater possibility, as they can add a lot of imagery to their ads. Thus, Instagram might prove to be a heaven for advertisers.