Tips for Shooting Quality YouTube Videos

Tips for Shooting Quality YouTube VideosWhen you are creating YouTube videos it is important that you be mindful of the quality.  Great quality videos are going to bring in the views, likes, comments & subscribers, unlike poorly shot amateur videos. Videos that are dark, grainy and difficult to hear are unlikely to get you many views or subscribers.  Your videos must serve a purpose and help someone.  If your video is hard to view, the quality of the content is irrelevant.  You do not have to spend a lot of money to get quality video equipment either.


This is one of the things that many people do not think about.  You can have the best camera and microphone, but if your environment is just too dark, your videos will appear to be of poor quality.

“If you are doing a product review or demonstration, your lighting is even more important than ever. People need to see what it is you are showing them. While you don’t necessarily need stage lighting, using sufficient light to project the details within your scene is crucial to producing a good video. The more light, the better. Having more than one light source will help alleviate any kind of shadows,” says Chris Pirillo.

Basic lights are adequate to illuminate your video well.  If you are handy, you may be able to even create your own lightboxes.  Actually, there are videos on YouTube that can teach you how to do this.


If you cannot be heard, your video is not going to be very helpful.  A decent microphone can be found for under £100.  If you are moving around in your video, or if you want to be comfortable and able to move a bit, a headset microphone is your best option.  One that plugs into a USB port – as most do nowadays –  is adequate.


While many laptops do have pretty nice built-in cameras now, this is still not enough for those who are serious about making a name for themselves on YouTube.  For a couple hundred bucks, you can get can a quality camera.  You also want to add some video editing software to the mix so that you can clean up your videos and give them a professional touch.  You will also want something to put the camera on.  You can find a decent tripod on sites like Amazon or eBay for under £100.  This will allow you to get the camera at the perfect height and angle.

If you’re looking to boost your numbers, you can buy YouTube likes and subscribers but remember that the one thing that really keeps the views coming in is making and posting great videos consistently. So get to filming!