Tips for Gaining More YouTube Subscribers

Tips for Gaining More YouTube SubscribersTo increase your brand, you need to have as many fans on YouTube as possible.  There are right ways and wrong ways to go about increasing your subscriber and likers base.  You want to make sure that your fans are your fans because they want to be.  This is to say that all of your fans should come back and watch your videos, share them and interact with them.  There are ways to help improve both the fan quality and your overall amount of fans.


Video Responses to Get More YouTube Views

This is a feature that is really under-used on YouTube.  This is something you can do after putting up a few good videos on the site.  When you post this type of response, it gets attention.  If it is well-done, it can score you some new subscribers.

“A great way to get some quick exposure is to upload a video response to a recent popular video. The more controversial and interesting your response the better, as people will be clicking through to your channel with no idea who you are,” says Joel from Addicted2Success.  “If your response is interesting, insightful, shocking or funny you stand a good chance of picking up a few new subscribers, and at least a few users will check out your other videos.”

Quality Videos to Gain YouTube Followers

When you are searching YouTube for videos you surely skip those that are grainy and poorly done.  It is important that your video be clear, easy to see, easy to hear and well-edited.  This involves getting decent equipment.  You will want a good video camera, good sound recording equipment and a good video editing software.  Decent products are actually not that expensive and quality videos will make a difference when it comes to how many subscribers you have.

Remember you can buy YouTube subscribers or buy YouTube views to give your account a boost but it’s wasted money if you don’t have great quality videos to keep the viewers in. Take time to learn new video tips and tricks and to research great topics your readers will like.

Get the Word Out

When you use YouTube, you should also use other social media sites to help in promoting your channel.  You will want to get accounts on Facebook and Twitter at the very least.  You want to create profiles that coincide with your YouTube channel.  For example, if you use YouTube to promote your makeup artistry skills, you will want a Facebook page and a Twitter account that are focused solely on this.  You can share your videos and other related content to increase how many people see your YouTube page.  Make sure that you share more than just your videos so that you can keep your audience interested and engaged.