Quick and Easy Facebook Tips for Writers

Quick and Easy Facebook Tips for Writers that want to buy Facebook likes and fans for their website in the UKWhen you are a writer, one of your primary goals will be to grow your brand.  If no one knows who you are, it is hard to turn your writing into a career.  Facebook is a good platform for writers to interact and get their name out there.  However, it is important to use Facebook properly or else you actually risk harming your brand.

About Page

This is where you will be able to let people know who you are and what you do.  You do not need to put all of your information out there, but it does need to be adequate.  “Do fill out as much information on the About Page that you’re comfortable sharing (especially for the public view), but beyond being clear about who you are, I don’t think the Timeline/profile format is meaningful from a marketing standpoint,” says Jane Friedman.

You want to let people know that you are a writer, what things you write and a brief biography.  This is it.  This is not the place to advertise or share your life story.

Status Updates

Keep your posts short and sweet.  People on the Internet have a very short attention span.  If you are posting updates that are several hundred words, few people will actually read the entire thing.  Try to keep your posts to 50 words or less.  If you are making a major announcement, put all of the important information upfront so it is seen right away.  You can also choose to make announcements on your website or blog and then simply post a link and a quick comment about it on your Facebook page.

Get Social

Part of social media is heading to other pages and interacting.  You should read posts from your friends and those you follow and make comments when you have something to say.  When you are commenting, you want it to be meaningful and something that could spark a conversation.  This is also a good way to gain more followers and fans.  If people see you commenting and they enjoy what you have to say, they may follow you so that they can get more of it.  Also, when you are commenting, keep it nice and neutral.  You do not want to turn people off by showing a staunch bias.  For example, if you have specific political or religious beliefs, save these for your personal page and keep them off of your professional page.

You can buy Facebook likes and fans for your website in the UK and get more numbers to your page or account but if you’re not posting some great stuff, you won’t have people stick around for very long. So put the same energy and investment into posting great content as well.