How to Promote Your Book With Twitter

You can buy Twitter followers but here are more tips to gain natural followers.Twitter has become increasingly popular among authors because it is an effective platform for book promotion.  You can expand your reach and meet like-minded people through using this social media site.  You can also work to sell more books.  Twitter is short and sweet and a couple minutes per day is all that it takes to increase your presence on the Internet as a published author.

Book Tours for Twitter Followers

Traveling the country to promote your latest novel just does not really happen anymore.  Today, people are taking advantage of virtual book tours to expose their new book to thousands of new people without ever leaving their home.  Virtual routs also have no limits.  You can target any place in the world and get some information on your book out there.

“The great thing about virtual book tour features is that they never expire.  It takes awhile for the search engines to pick up new pages.  By getting your feature blasted, this will give you immediate exposure,” remarks Shelly Ice.

You can choose to set up a virtual book tour on your own or you can team up with others writers and do it as a group.  If you have never done one before, it is a good idea to join other writers who have.  You can learn from them while getting promotion at the same time.

Longer Tweets and Buying Follows

When you are posting a tweet about your book, take advantage of all 140 characters.  You want to pack as many buzzwords as possible into that post and be generous with hashtags.  Long tweets with hashtags can help to get more people seeing your posts.  More people translates to more followers and more followers can lead to increased sales.  It really is worth the extra effort to max out all of your tweets.

What about buying follows? Well, this tactic will help you get more numbers and possibly build social clout but it won’t directly sell books. Keep in mind that if you are going to boost followers by purchasing them, you still need to interact and tweet at the right now and provide interesting content people want to see.

Tweet at the Right Time

When you send out tweets about your book, you want to make sure that as many people as possible see them.  The idea time to tweet is in the mid-afternoon and in the middle of the evening.  These are times when people will take a few minutes to peek at their social media profiles.

Ask for a Retweet

There is no shame in asking people to retweet some of your posts.  You should not ask every single time, but asking for a few tweets a week to be retweeted is reasonable.  Make sure that these tweets are interesting so that people will be compelled to share them.