How to Increase Your Following on Instagram

How to Increase Your Following on InstagramThere is no magic bullet for increasing your Instagram popularity.  There are steps you can take, however, to improve your chances of a loyal audience.  When you get new fans, you want to make sure that these are quality fans.  Quality fans interact with you and share things that will help to lead others to your pictures.  If you are trying to build a brand on this photo-sharing community you want to get as many quality fans as possible.


Thoughtful Hashtags

Hashtags have their place on Instagram, but it is important to not overuse them.  If people see too many hashtags this is likely to be seen as a bit annoying.  One or two is plenty and make them count.  Do a little research to learn which hashtags are the most popular and try to incorporate these.  This will get your pictures more exposure and you will not need to load up on the hashtags to get people to see what you have posted.


“Pay attention to more unusual tags that are gaining traction. While there are too many photos labeled #throwbackthursday and #tbt each week to go through, if you find slightly less popular but still buzz-worthy hashtags, you can zero in on a certain group of followers,” reports Digital Trends.


Be Photo Selective

When you are posting pictures make sure that they are appealing.  If someone else posted the photo, would you be interested in it?  Ask yourself this question before adding photos to your profile.  Pictures of you, your friends, landscapes and just general things you see in the world are all great things to post.  However, the pictures should be quality and should be fun.  You also want to upload photos slowly.  If you put a bunch on at one time, they could be missed and lumped together so people do not get a chance to see them.


You can buy Instagram followers but they won’t interact with your photos. So you need to be sure you’re sharing great content in order to get the response and interaction you’re looking for from the general public in the UK or worldwide.


Be Social

One of the best to make people see you is to see them.  Search the site and browse all of the different photos.  If a few really catch your eye, check out the person’s other photos and if you like them, give the person a follow.  Not everyone you follow will come to check out your page, but about half will.  These are all people who may not have seen your photos otherwise.  You can also check out “Suggested Users” as a way to find more people to follow.