Basic Instagram Etiquette for Beginners

Basic Instagram Etiquette for Beginners and how you can buy instagram followers and get more interaction.Instagram is a way to share your life through pictures.  However, there are some etiquette rules that should be followed to ensure that you are an asset to the community.  Following these rules will also help you to build a loyal following either for yourself as an individual, or as a brand.  Instagram is quite simple and these tips are easy to keep in mind as you are navigating the very visual social media site. Sure, You can buy Instagram followers from a trustworthy company in the UK to get things started, but here are a few tips to build a real following in the long run.

Do Not Bombard the Feed

If users get a flood of your 50 more favorite photos, they are sure to do whatever in their power to avoid you.  You want to be able to engage people and give them something interesting to look at and interact with.  If you have a lot of photos you want to post, do this over the span of several days.

Posting one photo a day is a good rule of thumb. “Posting six blurry photos of your favorite band on stage at a concert from slightly different angles in the span of two minutes is not good” says Meredith Popolo on

You could do up to a handful a day, spaced apart by several hours, and still be okay.  The point of this is that less is more.  Also, when you are posting pictures, quality always trumps quantity.  Blurry and meaningless photos are not going to score you any followers.  Neither will they be bombarding the feed.

Meaningful Photos

When you are posting pictures, make sure that they are things people will enjoy.  A picture of your latest manicure is not something most people will care about.  Pictures of good times, great travel spots, nature and interesting people, places or things are what will make people look twice.  Think about the things you want to see when you are making your way around Instagram.  If you have pictures that you personally search for when looking for cool shots, then it probably means that other people will enjoy the photo also.

No Stealing

When it comes to all things Internet, it is important to know that few things on the Internet are free for public use.  People’s photos are their property and unless they give you explicit permission, using their photos is considered stealing.  Think about it.  If you have posted a few pictures of your kids and suddenly found them all over the Internet or turned into a meme, you certainly would not be happy.